Where do I apply if I want room nights or a package?

Any room nights and packages, dining or gift certificates should be directed to an individual hotel on the Gift Certificates page. The larger Donations application is only used for monetary donation requests.

How do I know if my application was received?

Once you’ve submitted the application, a green box will show on the page to thank you for the submission. You will also receive an automatic email notifying you that your submission has been received, and it will contain a copy of your submitted responses for your records. If you do not receive the confirmation email, the committee has not received your submission.

How long until I receive a response?

The committee will meet no less than quarterly, though often more frequently and will accept requests on a rolling basis. Please be sure to include a due date in your application so the committee can respond in a timely fashion.

Where do sponsorship requests go?

To request a sponsorship from Witham Family Hotels, fill out the form and a representative of Witham Family Hotels will be in touch.

I’m having difficulty submitting the application, help!

Try switching your website browser to Google Chrome. Look for any red warnings on the page.

I’m having technical difficulties, who do I reach out to?

Send an email to info@wfhcharitablefund.com and someone from our technical support team will do their best to address the issue.