Witham Family Hotels Charitable Fund was established in 2017 to carry on the philanthropic legacy of hotelier David J. Witham. The Fund is dedicated to supporting local and regional organizations who provide valuable charitable services to our community. Monetary support of the Fund is provided by Witham Family Hotels, a Maine hospitality company based in the Acadia National Park area.


The Mission of the Witham Family Hotel Charitable Fund is to support local organizations and groups who reflect our presence in the community as a hospitality based company. We also believe that we can have the greatest impact with our support when we focus our funding in areas consistent with our experience in hospitality industry.  For these reasons, the following areas have been identified for our support:

  1. Housing and Shelter
  2. Food and Nourishment
  3. Community-Based Health
  4. Education and Culture
  5. Local Causes



The Board of the Witham Family Hotels Charitable Fund reviews all donation requests on a rolling basis and will respond accordingly to any time sensitive requests.  Please review our Mission page to see if your organization or group is a good fit for our Fund. Please note: room night donations are given through gift certificates.


Gift Certificates are available on a limited basis, and any request seeking room nights should be directed here. Please click here to be directed to the Gift Certificates page for information on the application process.

To maintain the consistency, impartiality and fairness of the process, the Board asks that you do not contact them directly about any aspect of your funding request.